We work with clients who understand the value of creating a culture where every team member feels encouraged to bring their full selves to the work. We enable courageous cultures by facilitating experiences that build empathy, insight, vulnerability, self-awareness, and cohesion. 

While each training is customized to meet our client's objectives, some of our trainings focus on:

  • Connecting culture to core values
  • Anti-bias training
  • Developing inclusive cultures
  • Diversity, inclusion, equity training
  • Using diversity to enhance creativity, innovation, and problem solving

There are many consultants who come into a system and have their own answers or offerings. These offerings can be incredibly valuable. While we have some tools, frameworks and special sauces that we offer as well, we believe the real wisdom lives within the teams we work with. 

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We begin with listening. Our job is to ask the right questions, challenge, coach, reflect, and support, as we facilitate deeper insights, connections and feelings of safety and belonging.   


We first identify and interview key stakeholders to understand the complexity and perspectives at play. As we process the data from these conversations, we look for patterns, blockages, and opportunities. These insights inform the design of our work together.  

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Inquiry: We always begin by asking questions and trying to understand your objectives. Only once we understand your culture, your history and your hopes, are we able to begin designing an experience to unlock your potential.


Experiential Design: Once we're clear on the objectives, we design an experience that will support your team in achieving the desired objectives. This includes diverse experiences, tools and frameworks that support multiple intelligences and learning styles. 


Facilitation: Showtime. This is where the rubber meets the road. Our facilitation team will guide the experience. This involves teaching frameworks and tools, leading the activities, drawing out the wisdom of the group, connecting learning, keeping the agenda moving and ensuring full participation. 

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Integration: We then work with you to ensure the learning doesn't stop at the end of the facilitated experience. Our mission is to support sustained change inititiatives. It's here where we work with you to develop a follow up plan that gradually wanes our involvement in an organic fashion to ensure the change initiatives have been integrated and can be internally supported.  


Contemplation: We will continue to lightly guide the initiative periodically to determine if any of the initiatives can be modified to ensure optimal value and sustainability. 

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